Links to Choice Theory Sites

The William Glasser Institute This is the official website of the William Glasser Institute, home of Choice Theory.
The William Glasser Institute of Ireland Full of relevant information. Especially noteworthy is their Journal of Reality Therapy page.
The Centre for Reality Therapy (UK) The The Centre For Reality Therapy (UK) provides training in Reality Therapy, Choice Theory and Lead Management applied to mental health, education, management and personal development. The scope of the training includes short, introductory workshops through to all phases of the Reality Therapy Certification Programme.
The William Glasser Institute - Australia Reality Therapy & Choice Theory in Australia
Kathy Curtiss and Company Kathy Curtiss and Steven English offer professional consulting and training opportunities. A very interesting site.
The Center for Quality Education, Inc Providing professional consulting and training opportunities.
Reality Therapy Workshops Barbara Jacobson, Ph. D., RTC, Senior Faculty member of the William Glasser Institute: Choice Theory Training for Schools, Business, Therapy.
Quality Schools Forum John Radice's site is now free! Great for quality schools networking.
Reality Therapy and Control Theory Associates of Central Pennsylvania Providing flexible and convenient classes for professional development, personal advancement and family enrichment built on the foundation of Reality Therapy as developed by William Glasser, MD.
ROGHA Lots of information, good articles.
Pro-action Francine Belair is an Instructor with the William Glasser Institute in Canada. (Page is in French)

Education Related RT/CT/Quality Schools Links:

Neil Davies: A New Psychology for a New Millenium
Neil Davies: The Trouble with Behaviourism
Classroom Management
Dr. Tom Kelly: Systemic Assessment

School sites using Choice Theory and Reality Therapy

Sharing Environmental Education Curricula: Suburban School
Munger Hill Elementary School

Other Choice Theory & Education Links of Interest

Freedom House
Bob Rapp, Senior Instructor, William Glasser Institute
ChoiceWorks: the Mastery Workshop.
Human Relations Index
First Step

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